Earlier this week, CBS Daytime launched the Not Safe for Daytime channel on.
The network said the webisodes (some cute, some naughty, some funny) will include inventive original skits, pop culture parodies and viral video spoofs, and feature stars from CBSs soaps, talk and game shows.
Actor Pierson Fode (Thomas on The Bold and the Beautiful) is shown shirtless (natch) enjoying his burger.Make that really enjoying his burger.As part of their Not Safe for Daytime campaign, CBS Daytime has unleashed an almost frame-for-frame parody of the sexy commercials but take note female and gay soap audience this ones for you.The Young and Restless stars (they play Dylan and Nick, respectively) whisper fun phrases to one another while wearing noise-canceling headphones.Keep reading to see Victoria and Pierson on the beach, then check out.While on their sweet Hawaiian getaway, Victoria and Pierson attended the opening of the SKY Hawaii nightclub, where they partied with Brody Jenner and football player Terrell Owens.In the parody, all the requisite puns are made about buns, beef, special sauce and condom-ints.CBS Daytime has one of the most passionate and loyal audiences in television, reaching 28 million viewers each week, said Angelica McDaniel, Executive Vice President, Daytime Programs and Syndicated Program Development, CBS Entertainment and CBS Television Distribution.Victoria Justice showed off her enviable frame in a black bikini during a day on the beach with her boyfriend, Pierson Fodé, in Hawaii last week.LOS angeles (m if imitation is the highest form of flattery, the people who make those burger commercials of scantily clad women sensually munching on burgers should be very flattered.Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List.This is an irreverent, fun, fresh way to bring CBS Daytime to our viewers everywhere at any time.They cam ludivine safado plan to post new videos for several weeks.Another video added this week, Whisper Challenge with Steve Burton Joshua Morrow was also getting lots of attention even if they played with their shirts.
It's been a busy Summer for the 22-year-old, who is currently promoting her new movie.
We wanted to thank them by creating even more content, going behind the scenes of our series and showing a side of our talent that is, well, not safe for daytime TV!

Before their loved-up beach day, Victoria and Pierson hit the red carpet together at the Teen Choice Awards in August.
She stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon earlier this week to talk up the project and also explained how she recently created the "snelfie" with her funny snorkeling snap from Hawaii.
The couple showed lots of PDA while wading in the water and snapping selfies on the sand, and at one point, Pierson playfully gave Victoria a piggyback ride back to their towels.