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Just the other day I saw the male bring a flopping live trout back to the nest.It helps show that the environment and sustainability are key values to the company, said John Riches, Alcoa's public affairs manager."But a huge number found them."I saw the potential immediately.".See a timeline of nesting activities for this pair from 20About Our Cams, normally, there are three high-definition cams are available on this page."In some ways, it seems fitting that we will never truly know what happened to him the post read.Many observers are wondering whether the matriarch will accept him as a future mate.In fact, 20 years ago he placed some of his first rudimentary cameras on a nest of peregrine falcons in the Twin Cities.It's time to say goodbye to Dad Decorah.The Decorah eagles are the most-viewed channel ever on Ustream.Anderson didn't tag them as likely Internet stars.Thank you for your cooperation!"And now we have to accept that we and Mom will have to go on without him the statement read.I hear people say, 'I was watching my eagles.' "."These are real things.In order to protect the eagles and their nest, the specific location of this nest is private and cannot be disclosed.The most critical factor is that the camera be installed outside the breeding season when the nest is inactive.Update 05/26/18: Statement by Raptor Research on the death of DN7 and DN8 courtesy.
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This eagles nest cam is a short distance of the main nest we have been watching.